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Marc Inbane Tanning Spray

Nu ook verkrijgbaar in een handige luxe travelbox.

INVITATION TO TRAVEL, discover Marc Inbane’s luxurious travel set.

MARC INBANE’s travel set is designed in a convenient travel size. We nestled our (tanning) products in an ultra-luxe clutch, featuring cleverly designed compartments to keep all your products safe and organized.


Exclusive technology heightens the power of rare ingredients which results in a healthy, natural evenly tanned skin. Treat yourself, or someone special, to a luxury travel set.


The travel set includes:

1 x MARC INBANE Natural Tanning Spray 50 ml

1 x MARC INBANE Kabuki Brush

1 x MARC INBANE Luxurious Clutch


The original MARC INBANE natural tanning spray

Inspired by authentic ingredients MARC INBANE designed the original tanning spray. We have used natural ingredients and safe alternatives for components nature cannot provide. The tanning spray is designed for frequent use.


Using the natural tanning spray:

1. Spray about 30 cm from the skin

2. Spray evenly in rapid, short, waving motions

3. Use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process

4. Enjoy your holiday tan!


MARC INBANE kabuki brush

The luxurious synthetic Kabuki Brush by Marc Inbane has been designed by a team of leading professional make-up artists. The high quality bristles and elegant balanced shape makes the brush a must-have for everyone passionate about beauty.


The Kabuki Brush is a flat-topped, full circular brush, created to apply foundation – whether it be powder, cream or liquid.


The Kabuki Brush can also be used in combination with the original MARC INBANE tanning spray.


If too much natural tanning spray has been applied, or a spot has been missed, the brush can be used to transform the fluid in a perfectly even result.


For best results, use as followings;


Over applied:

1. Allow the tanning fluid to dry into the skin for approximately 10 seconds

2. Brush in a sweeping/circular motion for a perfect streak-free result


Missed a spot:

1. Apply the natural tanning spray on your brush

2. Brush in a sweeping/circular motion for a perfect streak-free result